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I am hoping so hard that this will help her get going in life, but I'm pretty sure I will worry about her and her kids forever. When I asked Jessica why she picked them up in the first place, this is what she said: I always offer rides when I see moms with kids. I was just without a car for over 6 months and it is so hard to get around. Usually people turn me down, but she said yes!

I've gotten help all my life.

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I just want everyone to try and help everyone! Jessica, you are amazing and an example to us all. Pay attention. Lift your eyes out of your own circumstances to see, really see , the needs and opportunities that await you. God can use your hard times to help others. God can use your good times to help others. God can use you to help others in every day ways. Thanks to Jessica for sharing her story. Thanks to all the moms who sent money, gift cards, and prayers that will help get Nicole back on her feet. And you guys, listen.

Belief that small moments can create big life change is exactly why I created the Mother of the Year Award stickers! Lisa Graft June 26, Comment.

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I let fear get the best of me this week. It was so embarrassing, but I learned a lesson that I, unfortunately, have had to keep learning over and over. Oh the details, sweat, and tears that have already been poured into this event to ensure that we are honoring God, ourselves, and YOU with our time and talents. I cannot wait. But the pressure is real. It is. A recipe for comparison, self-doubt, and shame when the first two things take over. As I was getting all worked up emotionally, a really beautiful girl walked by, and I was in instant comparison mode.

Checking every one of her features against my own. And then I got caught by my co-hosts. How humiliating. And I cried as we joked about how comparing myself to a young something really raised my self-esteem and also allowed me a fresh opportunity for root for her. Cue the shame spiral, as I began beating myself up for comparing, for getting caught, for allowing fear to take hold of me in a situation where confidence usually reigns.

For the next 24 hours, I kept looking for ways to redeem myself in front of my co-hosts. Two of my very best friends, who love me for who I am. Maybe if I walk in with a huge smile and cute outfit…Maybe I can write a really great bit for the show…maybe I can…what if I… Until a miracle happened.

I sat in my car outside of my office and reveled in the fact that I am not the sum of my mistakes or successes. God has created me so perfectly unique and has given me every single thing I need to accomplish the work He has given me to do.

When you know that, really KNOW that, what could you possibly have to prove and to whom? Who do you compare yourself to? Who in your life do you feel like you need to prove yourself to? Is it the mom next door who always seems to look put together? The tutor you hired to give your kid some extra help this summer? Your ex? Your spouse? Find the lie.

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Replace it with the truth. The truth is that you are dearly loved by the Creator of the Universe, and He has called you His very own daughter. His opinion of you is the only one that matters, and He has already given you freedom from your mistakes. Imagine your freedom.

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What would you accomplish with the energy that you usually put into striving harder for an unattainable goal? Unfortunately, the deal fell through, along with the marriage, after her husband not only violated the contract but also swindled Ellen and her family out of thousands of dollars. Like her mother, Madison loves theatre and the arts; she also plans to become a doctor. She also once helped out a family friend who unexpectedly became pregnant at a young age.

Zehnder’s Mother of the Year Contest Celebrates 27 Years

Ellen watched her baby at no charge for three years. Despite the endless treatments, hospital visits and debilitating pain, Karin presses on as a champion for research, hoping to turn MBC into a manageable, chronic condition. Few may know the core reason she continues to work so hard: her four daughters. Johanna, Maria, Victoria and Kristina are all in their 20s, pursuing careers as diverse as supporting space exploration with NASA Johanna to exploring the healing properties of Cannabidiol Maria.

Meanwhile, Victoria is starting her career as a chef, while the youngest, Kristina, is training to be a paramedic.

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When the girls were all under the age of 10, Karin singlehandedly took them on a trip to her homeland of Sweden, safely and efficiently navigating the entire journey. That has served Karin well as she has navigated through life with MBC for the last seven years — more than double the median survival rate for those diagnosed with MBC. She has just overwhelmed me with the kind of person she is.

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I would like to vote for Karin Petrocelli. Although the other two moms are also very worthy, they could get the honor in the future to be mom of the year. Karin may only have this one chance now. She deserves the honor of being mom of the year. Karin Petrocelli is the strongest woman I know. They are her number one goal in life.