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Luigi Nono visiting Tallinn in October During the following couple of years, the piece was performed almost 20 times in different countries. One could say that it became the breakthrough piece for Estonian avant-garde music in the Western world. It could be considered the first sonoristic work in Estonian music. Moving toward the culmination, the rhythmic speed becomes faster with each new entrance, before slowing down again when the dynamics subside.

The composer has explained the idea behind the structure of the piece as follows:. Title page of the manuscript score for Perpetuum mobile.

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Perpetuum Mobile is keen to continue its cooperation with the Anna Lindh foundation, by consulting, inviting and co-hosting actors from the Middle East and Mediterranean areas. Our extensive network of art-practitioners, philosophers, political and human rights activists and journalists can consitute a valuable resource and bridge for bringing these important voices and forms of expression to Finland. The Anna Lindh foundation has exceptional experience and an extraordinary network of partners and contacts with expertise in the MENA and Mediterranean regions.

Perpetuum Mobile's continued interest and future projects in these areas would benefit greatly from possible partnerships with the ALF, and joining as a network member. Telephone other :.

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Democracy and community development. Human rights.

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The School of the Displaced, 2nd Kiev Biennial The School of Displaced Persons is an initiative to map, share, develop and realize best practices in refugee-related work in the arts and beyond. How can you contribute to the Network in your country? Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

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