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Every year we run a contest to predict the fastest rising names in America, and the smart money is always on the populist side of culture, especially reality tv, telenovelas and hip hop.

The Joy of Naming the Baby

A closer look further challenges the notion of aspirational naming. Anyone from an adult entertainer to an assassin to the spawn of Satan can inspire namesakes, as long as their name is catchy enough. The single biggest baby name hit machine of recent years has been Teen Mom , the show that follows the lives of pregnant, unmarried year-old girls.

Even among the Freakonomics names, the closest they came to predicting a breakout hit was the girl's name Quinn In other words, American parents are picking up fresh new names wherever they find them, and those names don't sound anything like ladder climbing. Increasing numbers of parents are going off-road inventing whole new names. Some take words that express something about them and turn them into names. Firearms-related terms are popular choices. Others simply string together attractive sounds. As the hip hop and reality tv names above become popular, it's a fair bet that most of them will be abandoned in favor of something fresher.

Any analysis that focuses on the very top of the name popularity list will miss this big picture. The existence of a top 10 maintains the illusion of consensus, but it represents an ever-shrinking slice of the population. Every name now represents its own subculture and worldview , and poorer parents aren't following in the steps of the wealthy. They're aggressively blazing their own trails.

Laura, just when I don't think I could love this blog any harder, you go and debunk Freakonomics! Wonderful post. A great column -- I think the main reason that there is some "trickle down" is definitely NOT because poorer parents are directly copying the tastes of people higher on the social scale who they know personally which seems to be the Freakonomics idea but because the screenwriters and producers who run the entertainment business are highly educated avant-garde types themselves who name characters in TV and film the same names they like for babies -- and if the film or series is popular, AND the name fits in with fashionable sounds, it then booms throughout the population.

Characters in movies, TV, and even popular novels often get names which they are "too old" for but which are among the "revival" type names that college educated artsy people like -- and then that spreads them further. No wonder I keep coming back to this site long after my own babies have been named. So that specific example wasn't driven by John Green's fashion sense, as far as I know.

I agree that it happens to fit right in with the "revival" trend, though, which I'm sure boosts its popularity immensely! I've read and written articles in peer reviewed scientific journals with less sophisticated analysis than this. Nice piece of quantitative reasoning, here.

Cleveland Kent Evans, that's a terrific point about screenwriters exposing the country to the baby name tastes of their own set. In the past, it was an open question whether the resulting name trends reflected the perceived high status of the names, or simply the effect of mass exposure.

IMO reality tv has largely answered that question. Great post! It's so true that television and movies, and to a lesser extent music, influence names, certainly much more than any other trend. One only has to look at the number of people naming their children Kheleesi and Arrow, to see the effect TV plays, but I could go only and on about how TV affects our life choices! As far as I can tell, it's always been that way, before movies and tv there were plays and books and poetry.

Take the name Wendy, for example, which JM Barrie invented for Peter Pan, and Pamela, which Shakespeare invented too, both names which were once very popular in their day. The name Alice also experienced an all time high in popularity after Carroll realsed Alice in Wonderland. I know I've found that in the past, like for example with the name Ezra, which I never thought much of, until I got into watching a show with a main character named Ezra.

Over time it really grew on me, and it's one of my favourites now! Pamela was actually invented by poet Philip Sidney and was later popularized by Samuel Richardson's novel by the same name, but I take your point. I bet there was a popular cultural influence that caused it to be a big hit in the midth century here in the US.

I like your analytical effort but your analysis has too many confounding factors to claim you've debunked the Freakonomics theory. Namely, you're not comparing apples to apples because you're not controlling for race or income. The reason your list of names is mainly composed of ethnic names is because whites have much lower birth rates.

You need to control for all these factors in order to test the Freakonomics theory.

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Obat Herbal amazon merupakan jus kesehatan generasi terkini, dimana merupakan campuran dari bahan-bahan alami yang sudah melalui tahapan pengamatan ilmiah selama beberapa tahun. Katie Hopkins has sparked anger on Twitter once again by poking fun at the name of a sick child featured on The X Factor. Viewers were told about Kaychanel, a year-old child from Norwich who suffers from a condition called Vacterl Sequence, has to undergo three to four hours of dialysis every week, and has a tracheostomy to help her breathe. Could have been worse.

My son was almost due. What would I call him?

I hope your children aren't bullied at school due to your lack of compassion and decency. They offload their venom, I feel happy looking down at the snakes at play. She was forced to apologise earlier this month after making a joke about Scottish life expectancy the day after the fatal Clutha Vaults helicopter crash in Glasgow. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

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