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Your children should know that playing or experimenting with fire is unacceptable and it is punishable.

Your child should understand that strangers are never to be trusted unless when in an emergency situation where they need help from an adult stranger to contact you. Otherwise, if a stranger approaches them and offers to drop them home from school or a ride to the park, they should never accept.

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Notify them of the people you are likely to send to school in case of an emergency. Though never emphasized, this is an important safety rule that can save your child from undergoing tormenting abuse situations. Ensure that your kid understands the difference between a good and a bad touch and that nobody else apart from mommy and daddy is allowed to touch them.

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If your children get lost, teach them not to panic and remain where they are. Emphasize that they should ask for help from another mother with kids, a security guard or police officer. At this point, they should share your contact information so that you are contacted to pick them up.

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Your children should understand that personal information like home address, phone numbers, and emails are private and should not be shared with strangers unless during emergency situations. Children also have instincts, and they should be taught how to listen to them. So, if your kid is asked to do something that makes them feel uncomfortable, they should never do it.

If they are forced, they should scream and ask for help.

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  5. The safety of your children goes beyond ensuring home safety. It is your responsibility to ensure that your children are safe even when they are not with you. Pay close attention to any cautions described in the laboratory exercises Do not taste or smell chemicals. Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes when heating substances, dissecting, etc.

    Power Systems Safety Instructions (PSSIs)

    Do not attempt to change the position of glass tubing in a stopper. Never point a test tube being heated at another student or yourself. Never look into a test tube while you are heating it. Unauthorized experiments or procedures must not be attempted.

    10 General Safety Rules You Should Teach Your Children

    Keep solids out of the sink. Leave your work station clean and in good order before leaving the laboratory.

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    Do not lean, hang over or sit on the laboratory tables. Do not leave your assigned laboratory station without permission of the teacher. Learn the location of the fire extinguisher, eye wash station, first aid kit and safety shower.

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    Fooling around or "horse play" in the laboratory is absolutely forbidden. Students found in violation of this safety rule will be barred from particpating in future labs and could result in suspension. Anyone wearing acrylic nails will not be allowed to work with matches, lighted splints, bunsen burners, etc. Do not lift any solutions, glassware or other types of apparatus above eye level.

    Top 10 Safety Rules For Kids In The Kitchen

    Follow all instructions given by your teacher. Learn how to transport all materials and equipment safely. No eating or drinking in the lab at any time! Member Quick Links.