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We put on multiple shows for the URI and surrounding communities. Additionally we also attend other collegiate invitationals and workshops all over the New England area. Musically Inclined is all about finding community and friendship through a passion for music. Can't wait to see you there! Muslim Students Association.

National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Members must have a GPA of 3. We focus our meetings around scholarship, leadership, and service and aim to be well-rounded individuals living a balanced lifestyle. Anyone can participate in our general meetings and we invite members to sit in at our officer board meetings as well. Neuroscience Club. John Robinson Category: Academic. Events: We are planning to hold a several fundraisers and all sorts of events this upcoming year, so feel free to like the Facebook page and attend a meeting to meet everyone!

Outing Club. Activities include backpacking, hiking, rock climbing, polar plunging, etc. Panhellenic Council. We aim to promote diversity in the URI community by increasing awareness and understanding of the Persian Culture through cultural events, musical performances, annual picnics, and other events of the sort. PCS is a non-political non-religious organization and only seeks to promote cultural awareness and appreciation.

We aim to promote the Persian culture and heritage in the URI community. PCS does not discriminate based on sex, gender, race, or religion. Think Persian, we do! Events: Persian New Year Norooz March Yalda Night We aim to promote self-exploration, professional development, and leadership opportunities which enhance the undergraduate experience of multicultural women and prepare graduates for the workforce. Pre-Dental Club. The club will provide useful information regarding the Dental Admission Test DAT , volunteering and shadowing opportunities, required courses and more.

Furthermore, the club will schedule guest lecturers, such as dentists and dental students. In the end, we hope that our members are fully prepared to apply to dental schools and ultimately are accepted. Pre-Physical Therapy Club. We meet about 5 times a semester, and you only need attend 3 per semester to be considered a member. Ask questions about graduate school, career opportunities, advice, and more. Occasionally we will be having guest speakers including physical therapists and DPT program faculty.

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We also participate in hands-on activities and learn about different PT modalities. Feel free to contact us, join our Facebook group, and follow our Instagram and Twitter for more info! Everyone is welcome! Mission Statement - Acquaint students whose ambition is to pursue a career in Physical Therapy PT with the intent to promote networking, professional growth, and preparation for future physical therapy endeavors. Events: Meetings: Thursdays about 5 times per semester , pm - Clinical Practice Room in Independence Square - meets Fall and Spring semesters meeting times subject to change - check our social medias or email us for specific dates!

Pre-Physician Assistant Club. Public Health Club. We carry out specific projects targeted at public health issues on campus and in the surrounding community. PRSSA is the foremost organization for students interested in public relations and communications. We are a pre-professional organization that seeks to help students with professional networking, resume building, cover letter writing, enhancing their public relations and business education outside of the classroom and more. You get exclusive opportunities to better your chances of getting your dream job after college!

RAM Hacks. We welcome everyone, regardless of whether you are a computer science major, to learn and talk about programming software, working with hardware, or any related topic. No prior experience is necessary or expected. If you are looking to get started, further your knowledge, or share what you already know, there is no better place!

Renaissance Yearbook. We cover all campus events, sports, and any special programs that the University or any organizations of the University conduct each year. We also highlight seniors by giving them the opportunity to have their photograph taken, therefore allowing them to have their own photos in the book. Overall, the Renaissance Yearbook documents the history of the University and allows students to look back at their time at the University of Rhode Island. We are ambassadors for the university who share their experiences with future URI students and other campus visitors.

Rhody Archery. Events: We typically go shooting times a semester. Rhody Catholic Organization. We are a community of believers who seek holiness together in the community of the Catholic Church. Open to all students, faculty, staff and friends of the University of Rhode Island, we strive to empower disciples to become apostles of the Good News through worship, catechesis, charitable works, and Christ-centered community. All are welcome to join us! Rhody Christian Fellowship. All students regardless of religious affiliation are welcome to join us for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship.

For the most up-to-date information on meeting place and times, please visit rhodyfellowship.

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Rhody Rhapsodies. We hold auditions every semester, enabling us to retain previous members with the best talent, as well as add new individuals to the group in order to improve our overall musical abilities. We also travel to and perform at many events, in and out of the state of Rhode Island, including events hosted at other colleges, off campus charitable causes, competitions, and many URI sponsored events.

As a group, every few weeks we cohesively vote on songs to advance and expand our repertoire. Holding rehearsals twice per week allows us to perfect our sound and progress on our songs. Our goal is to create the best music we possibly can and use our abilities to promote other organizations and contribute to the community as a whole, on campus and beyond URI. Rhody Rides.

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This club was created to support the many students who have a passion for cars at the University of Rhode Island. We meet biweekly, dates and locations will be posted on the Facebook page. Everybody is welcome, no car needed. Events: Rhody Rides spring car show coming spring , stay tuned! Rhody Ridiculousness. Running Club. Please contact our email in order to be added to the email list! Sailing Club. Thanks to the Sailing Club, anyone can have access to two dozen sailboats and numerous kayaks and paddle-boards.

All of this is free to students and no experience is required. Meetings are held all year to either plan the weekend sailing excursions or to learn additional skills related to sailing. Club members arrange carpooling to the URI Sailing Center which is located approximately 15 minutes off campus.

We invite you to come join us and go for a sail! Come swing by our table and learn about us! Then you'll be free to sail at the sailing center whenever you'd like! Location: Saltpond Rd. Sankofa Christian Ministry. We do so through meetings where we discuss issues, concerns, current events, different sexualities and genders, etc. We also spread this knowledge through programs and events hosted by us or co-hosted with the gender and sexuality center. The sorority was founded in at the Ohio State University by five women who wanted an alternative to the social Greek sorority system.

Since that time, Sigma Alpha has become a national organization consisting of more than 80 chapters, comprised of undergraduate and alumnae members. Today, more than 11, members have been initiated into Sigma Alpha Sorority. We are a professional sorority comprised mostly of bio-science majors, but are open and welcome to all majors!

Sports Medicine Club. Professionals such as physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, coaches, physicians, and massage therapists are invited each semester to talk about what they do in an average work day, and their educational experience. Events: Meetings: Tuesday at pm Subject to Change Our tee shirt fundraiser will be carrying on until the end of this week. The money fundraised will be gifted to a deserving and dedicated senior who has been accepted into graduate school for higher education in sports medicine.

We have members from all different majors who bring many different great perspectives and ideas. Throughout the year we typically participate in beach and campus cleanups, host events during Sustainability Week, provide outreach activities in resident halls, host movie nights, and put together our biggest event, Earth Day on the Quad! If you're at all interested in joining, feel free to come to one of our meetings! We strive to enrich and unite the African community through social, artistic, educational, and service events.

To placing Africa the second largest and poorest Continent under a positive light for the benefit of everyone belonging to the University of Rhode Island and its surrounding community. To foster an atmosphere of harmony amongst the African population and every other ethinc groups here at the University of Rhode Island. To inspire within all those concerned about Africa and her welfare, a tender compassion towards issues affecting the Continent and her people on the social, educational, cultural, political, and economical scale. To increase the awareness and understanding of all who work and study at the University of the several rich, varied and multifaceted, heritage and cultures of the African people.

Our Organization was founded in and has been around ever since. If you're looking for something to do on campus SAA is a great organization to join we are like 13 clubs put together. SEC has a hand in every stage of the event planning process while organizing shows together.

Cruz Category: Just For Fun. Student Nonviolent Coordinating Council. We also serve to promote peace on campus through peaceful activities, including yoga, painting, and mindfulness practice, etc. Events: Mission Statement: To achieve peace and well being as a community. Our objectives consist of addressing nonviolence in our community and in everyday occurrences. Ultimately working towards peace within ourselves to achieve a worldwide peace. The association engages in a shared governance approach that encourages health related discussions, health advocacy and interdisciplinary collaboration among students across the university.

Among its many activities within the university community, SNA emphasizes health promotion, healthy lifestyle and health equity issues. Its members seek to act as change agents and role models for other university student and the State of Rhode Island. Students in SNA have the ability to make professional contacts and provide an opportunity for networking with professionals from diverse backgrounds. Events: Meetings: Twice a month in White Hall Commons, days and times are subject to change each semester.

Mentors, counsels, and consults with student groups, organizations, and teams. Teaches relevant concepts and skills in order to improve organization effectiveness. Student Veterans Organization. We want to welcome all Veterans, service members, and their families on the URI Campus, including faculty, staff, and alumni. The goal is to share good information about veterans benefits. We also clarify, filter, and update the constantly changing landscape of veterans groups, support organizations, and opportunities for our student veterans. We are part of a network that can assist and direct veterans toward resolving their needs.

Our Vision is serving the URI community utilizing the skills and knowledge that we retain as veterans. Most student veterans are returning adults with experiences and backgrounds that offer better discussions not only in the classroom, but also on campus. This wisdom is a unique opportunity to lead student life at URI as a role model for the younger generation. Come join us for lawn games, a BBQ food truck, and meet Veterans from both faculty, staff, and students. SSDP mobilizes and empowers young people to participate in the political process, pushing for sensible policies to achieve a safer and more just future, while fighting back against counterproductive Drug War policies, particularly those that directly harm students and youth.

Talent Development Student Board. It is our obligation to empower students to not only give back, but to voice their opinions. Their mission is "to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States. Our efforts will be dedicated to the discussion, education, and the general promotion of what these rights entail, and what we can do as citizens to uphold them.

This will include lobbying at the State House for the ACLU, holding events, and vigilantly monitoring our community for any violation of individual rights. Our meetings will have a discussion based structure where rational dialog and open-minded communication is highly encouraged. The ACLU URI is strictly non-partisan, and greatly encourages an intellectually diverse community so that we may transcend party politics, and focus on the individual as the political apex. Though it is inevitable that disagreements will arise, we will use them to our advantage as we consider opposing viewpoints so that we may move closer and closer to the truth.

We will also work alongside agents from the Rhode Island chapter of the ACLU to confront civil liberties issues at the local and state level.

Track C: University Research Commercialization & Startups

The Good Five-Cent Cigar. Established in , the Cigar is published in print weekly, updated digitally daily and is free to the University community. The Cigar meets Mondays at 6 p. Room of the Memorial Union and is always accepting new writers, photographers, videographers, and artists. Anyone with an interest in advancing themselves as a part of a reputable, award winning, published newspaper is encouraged to stop by! The Puppy Raisers Club. Guiding Eyes for the Blind provides these exceptionally trained and bred dogs to their client free of charge, and therefor relies heavily on volunteers to help raise and train their dogs from the time they are puppies until they are fully trained service animals.

Members of this club who choose to raise a dog for Guiding Eyes are certified as raisers through their organization. Our goal as a club is to raise awareness for this great organization, as well as spread knowledge about service dogs and their importance in the community, as well as the immense training that they undergo. Becoming involved in this club is a great way to give back to the community and learn about service dog training and behavior!

Theme Park Engineering and Design. The networking opportunities this club will provide can expose students to different career paths for their majors that are often looked over for more traditional career paths. In addition, this club will also provide a community for those who are passionate about the amusement park industry.

Our goal is to provide a network of like-minded individuals to discuss the various aspects of the amusement park industry for those who may not wish to pursue a career in the industry but want to be involved in a more recreational manner. We participate in design competitions and work together as a team as well as go on site tours and trips. Thrive URI. We serve as a brainstorming and execution space for students who want real change to happen.

Events: Thrive holds "Impact Labs" which serves as a brainstorming and execution space for students who want real change at URI to happen. Uhuru Sasa. It is Uhuru Sasa's intention to accomplish this through the pursuit of educational, historical, literary and artistic functions Uhuru Sasa was established in as the first multicultural organization to champion the causes of minorities on the university campus.

URI Ballroom Dance. We achieve this by creating a social environment that bring those from URI and those in the community into a judgment free atmosphere in which members can learn a wide variety of styles of both ballroom and social dancing. Every lesson allows members who have never danced before be able to attend a dance or competition event and be able to comfortably participate and socialize no matter what level. There are two one-hour lessons that begin at and Each one-hour session provides instruction for two ballroom dances. At , a technique class is offered free of charge.

Please check out our Facebook page for upcoming events! In addition we aim to get our members in good shape through cardio and interval training such as jump rope and heavy bag work. In this club one can choose to spar if they would like however this is not mandatory by any means. It is recommended that members bring their own gear. URI Club Baseball. We practice about twice per week and have 3 game series every other weekend in the fall and during the month of April. URI Club Tennis. We are team that is rapidly growing both in size and competitiveness.

We hold tryouts at the beginning of the Fall semester. Our team holds weekly outdoor practices during the fall semester and weekly indoor practices during the spring semester. On the weekends, we have matches against other schools around New England. We compete with other schools at meets in the Northeast region in various events ranging from 55m Hurdles to 10K Cross Country races. URI Dance Company. Offering classes in tap, ballet, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, and pointe, students have a wide variety of classes to take.

We do not hold auditions so everyone is welcome! We put on one recital at the end of every semester for the whole Company to showcase the choreography we have worked on to friends and family. It is a great way to meet students of different ages and be an involved student at URI! URI Debate Union. Opportunities to travel and participate in debates across the country and across New England provide valuable professional experience and a great opportunity to meet new people.

URI Democrats. We work to empower students and embolden tomorrow's leaders as we advocate for economic justice, social equity, environmental protection, and other core progressive values in innovative and creative ways. Don't stay on the sidelines--give your passion a voice and join URI College Democrats today Events: Discussions with candidates and elected officials Debates Voter registration drives Issue advocacy Campaign canvassing and more!

URI Dressage Team. Fundraising is what makes our team possible - we fund raise throughout the school year and over school breaks. The team requires at least 10 riders per year. Each rider must take one lesson a week with our coach, Dione, on one of our lesson horses at Stony Creek Farm. Our team members are responsible for paying dues at the beginning of each semester as well as for their weekly lessons.

But riding isn't all we do - from trail rides and group lessons to study sessions and shopping trips at Dover, we always find ways to bond as a team. We are a student organization dedicated to raising awareness about eating and body image disorders and mental health through spreading body positivity, education, and kindness around campus. URI Fencing. We offer a space to learn the sport of fencing, and further any previous knowledge.

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URI Flow. The Flow state is a state of optimal performance and rewards you with the feeling of enjoyment. Flow is directly related to change. The more flow experience the better one adapts to different challenges. The state has also been shown to increase focus, confidence, imagination, creativity, boost the immune system, balance the nervous system, and cause the sensation on connection and blend between the action and actor.

Our panel will include an overall presentation from Christy Wyskiel on the innovation ecosystem buildout at Hopkins, the role we play in economic development in our region and the importance of public, private and philanthropic partners to making this happen. The panel will also include presentations from leaders of each of the business units within JHTV. Helen Montag will discuss the importance of large corporate collaborations to forward university commercialization efforts including recent deals with MedImmune and Bayer. Brian Stansky will discuss the role that FastForward, our startup support group, plays in furthering the mission of the university, in attracting and retaining entrepreneurial talent at the university,and in creating economic impact in the region.

Neil Veloso will discuss how tech transfer underpins much of this and remains critical to the success of the organizations mission. Helen Montag, Sr. UNC Chapel Hill researchers began a comprehensive effort in April to gather and share data about our University startups. Our goal is to apply academic rigor to accurately identify and report on startups from to present.

To support this, we combine technology, research, and partnerships. We developed a robust, custom database structure using the Salesforce. A team of information professionals from the Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise took the lead on data research, quality control and reporting — both historically and moving forward. A relationship manager from the Office of Commercialization and Economic Development joined the project to actively engage the members of this network.

Economic Impact metrics derived from database and therefore on validated data. Database add-ons are enabling direct project intake and surveying of startups. Nearly every university entrepreneurship center, as well as other departments across campus has opened an accelerator or an incubator, or is in a race to do so.

The university based accelerators and incubators serve a wide variety of constituents and are often trying to deliver both learning and investment incomes, which makes defining success, choosing teams to accept and figuring out how to best allocate resources all the more challenging. A few programs recognized as being leaders in this emerging field will share their stories and learnings in order to facilitate a discussion to flesh out lessons learned and best practices.

You may give out proof of concept awards to good ideas that could be companies but when the student or faculty start-up has actually been incorporated then real investment capital is required. Does the University have a role in supporting the recently formed spin-off and possibly participating in investment rounds? Where does this funding come from? Who decides which companies will get an investment? Should the fund be managed inside or outside the university? Are there external funds that focus on these types of companies?

What other help can you give to these companies? This panel will present several different investment vehicles that invest in university affiliated start-ups as well as the programs that support companies in this process. Topics to be addressed will include: what support services are offered to spin-offs, where they get their capital from, who manages the funds, and who decides on an investment.

A structured panel discussion format where panelists from recognized University Proof of Concept Centers or Technology Incubation Centers across the USA present their best practices in creating and accelerating innovation pathways for commercialization. Biomedical Devices, disruptive materials or processes, sensors or building software proofs to aid agile development.

Six research universities in Ohio came together under the sponsorship of the Ohio Department of Higher Education to create the only statewide I corps program. Program is open to all faculty in Ohio. Support for graduating teams provided by the Ohio Entrepreneurship Signature Program across the state. Barry Rosenbaum, Sr. This panel focuses on the experiences and challenges of female academic entrepreneurs in the US and UK. Our panelists are highly successful academics as well as entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds spanning Science, Engineering and Medicine as well as Arts and Humanities.

The purpose of the panel is to examine the experiences of female academics in starting a new venture. Our panelists address issues of peer and institutional support, the tensions of career progression in academia, idea discovery, developing social and professional networks, securing finance, developing markets and also issues around work-life balance. Our panel is drawn from countries which are in the top three global countries for levels of female entrepreneurship demonstrating the entrepreneurial drive and opportunities for females. Although data is not available for the USA, in the UK female involvement in founding academic spin-off companies is high in comparison to female representation on corporate boards and general entrepreneurship levels.

Almost a third of university spin-outs in the UK have a female as part of the founding team. This compares to a fifth of FTSE corporate boards with female representation and an even lower rate of female directors of Fast Track companies. At the same time, females are significantly less likely to be the main founder in terms of the majority shareholding of university spin-outs: accounting for only 8.

Where they are the dominant shareholder they tend to form smaller teams with a different profile of willingness to tolerate risk and attitude towards innovation and growth. Female academic entrepreneurs represent a substantial reservoir of talent and creativity and are an under-exploited source of economic growth. In , one of its spin-outs, Kainos Software Ltd.

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Through its reputation in this area it is regularly asked to provide advice and guidance to other UK universities. The deeper we move into the 21st century, the more every sector of society is realizing that the key to system health and prosperity is interdependence. Because the complex problems we face around resource depletion, climate change, job creation, and social inequity are intertwined, we can only hope to solve them through the cooperation of many different kinds of institutions and intellectual fields. In partnership with the City our work supports the Gloucester Higher Education Cluster GHEOC which, through collaboration among public and private institutions, non-profits, and industry partners, works to refine and promote a new model for economic development.

GHEOC creates value by connecting academic researchers, students, entrepreneurs, and businesses to advance and sustain the maritime economy of the city. Through on-the-ground student projects, technology and expertise transfer, educational program development, the GHEOC is supporting existing businesses, pursuing the identification and advancement of new ocean-based businesses, and working collaboratively with City leadership to build a sustainable and prosperous future for the City. The GHEOC represents a paradigm shift in how higher education works, collectively, to support and advance the needs of local communities.

Through the SSL and our Collaboratory, we will be able to connect Gloucester with best practices that have emerged in other countries struggling with similar problems. This will not only benefit all the communities in the interchange but will also continue to draw attention to the world-class contributions being made by UMASS. The rallying-cry to spread entrepreneurship across boundaries in colleges and universities has largely been heeded at most institutions aware of the need to modernize the curriculum.

Welsh, ; Neck, et al, University campuses and curricula cannot transform without key individuals brave enough to take on the task of motivating the need to change and improve the status quo. These individuals act as the vectors for modernizing the curriculum.

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They establish the connections and create key coalitions, etc. This panel will consider the lessons learned by four individuals as they discuss their roles as boundary-spanners and academic entrepreneurs in the transformation of their campuses. Workshop participants will be engaged through mini scenarios that will form the basis of discussion about ways faculty can collaborate across college and disciplinary boundaries to build the curriculum.

We will engage the audience in discussion about the structures that need to be in place to facilitate these changes and key stakeholders who have to be involved in undergirding these changes. Workshop Structure and Timings: 1 hour 1. Each of the three presenters will share a five-minute summary of the history of entrepreneurship at their schools, including key challenges and opportunities 2. Audience participation will follow for a half hour: a. Small groups will be asked to discuss the following questions: i.

Who has been the boundary-spanners at their institution title and NOT names ii. Who are the key stakeholders in that discussion — both internal and external from whom boundary-spanners and academic entrepreneurs can draw support? Small group leaders will summarize and share key lessons learned workshop participants. While most students are familiar with the idea of a scholarship, they may not realize just how much scholarship money is available and how easily attainable it can be.

With all this free money being offered to students to help fund their educations, you would be remiss to not attempt to get some of it for yourself. This is free money that female students can use to help control the rising costs of their tuition and other college expenses. There are all types of scholarships available. One type of scholarship is a scholarship offered to those who are part of a particular group of people. Female students should know that many scholarships are actually available solely to women, including working mothers pursuing their degree online.

These scholarships for women have been created by individuals, companies, and organizations in order to help provide bright young women with the additional financial support that they need in order to pursue their college education. These groups offer scholarships in order to champion women and to create more diversity in the workplace. The Girls Inc. National Scholarship is made possible by Girls Inc. Girls Inc. Over the coming decades, Girls Inc. Today, Girls Inc. By supporting women at a young age, Girls Inc. National Scholarship is one of the biggest scholarships available to women.

Created to celebrate high school students who exemplified the Girls Inc. National Scholarship is available to women on an academic basis. Students are selected for the Girls Inc. National Scholarship based on their academic performance as well as their success in other activities including sports and service activities. Started over twenty-five years ago, Adobe Research was created by Charles Geschke and John Warnock in order to ensure that Adobe is always looking for new technologies that can be brought back to the Adobe product teams.

Collaborating with over fifty different university partners, Adobe Research has been able to work with students in order to create new technologies that have made their way into Adobe products like the Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop CS5. Through this collaboration with students, Adobe Research is able to support the next-generation of software developers while also advancing their own product line.

One of the biggest scholarships available to women, the Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship is awarded to women who have shown exceptional talent in computer science, computer engineering, or a closely related field. This scholarship is made available to all women from the state of Connecticut. Students are selected for this scholarship program based upon their academic performance as well as their engagement within their community. From its founding, the Daughters of the American Revolution worked as an organization dedicated to the promotion of patriotism and the preservation of American history.

Since its creation, the Daughters of the American Revolution have instituted a variety of different programs designed to support American military members while working with American youth to educate them about the rich history of the United States of America. The Daughters of the American Revolution has also raised large sums of money to be given to students and schools in order to support education. One such way that the Daughters of the American Revolution has helped to support education has been through the creation of the Leslie Andree Hanna Medical Scholarship.

This scholarship was created in order reward female students who have chosen to pursue a medical degree. One of the biggest scholarships available to women, the Leslie Andrew Hanna Medical Scholarship is awarded based upon academic merit. The Mildred C. Created in , as the Society of Industrial Realtors Educational Fund, this organization was originally started in order to publish the first graduate-level textbook on the topic of industrial real estate.

After attaining this goal, the organization then expanded to become the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors in Through this time, the organization worked to help support the real estate profession by providing educational resources for those pursuing degrees in the subject as well as funding for programs and scholarships to help to continue to cultivate those involved in this industry. One of the many ways that the SIOR Foundation has worked to support the real estate community is through the creation of one of the biggest scholarship available to women.

Hanson, SIOR Memorial Scholarship was first funded in in order to celebrate outstanding female students who have shown interest in a career in commercial real estate. Since its creation, the Mildred C. Selected based upon their academic performance, the female student selected for the Mildred C. Created by the Entertainment Software Association in January , the Entertainment Software Association Foundation was started in order to help promote the future of entertainment software and video gaming. In order to ensure an influx of talented young minds into the industry, the Entertainment Software Association Foundation began working on a variety of different programs designed to attract students to study fields related to entertainment software development.

Using the money and power of the Entertainment Software Association, the Entertainment Software Association Foundation created a variety of programs designed to encourage students to work in video game development. Recognizing a lack of representation in the video game industry, the ESA Foundation Scholarship Program for Minority Student was created in order to attract students from minority groups such as women.

One of the biggest scholarships available to women, the ESA Foundation Scholarship Program for Minority Students is awarded to exceptional students who have shown interest in working within the video game industry. Formed in as the American Women in Radio and Television, the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation worked to support women working in media as well as attract young women to career in media. Since then, the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation has worked to provide recognition events and professional development opportunities for women in media in order to continue to grow their talent and dedication to the media industry.

The Alliance for Women in Media has since worked to ensure that women continue to be a vital part of the media industry and that their voice continues to grow in this field. One of the biggest scholarships available to women, the Empowering America Scholarship is a nationwide scholarship awarded to outstanding female students.

Female students are selected for this scholarship based upon an interview that they submit to the Alliance for Women in Media. Applicants are asked to interview a prominent women leader in their community.