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She also cited the death of a woman in from sepsis after an abortion in an unnamed Marie Stopes clinic first brought to public attention by Jamie Walker in The Australian on 19 March The idea of Tankard Reist's column - like my own writing - was to issue a warning: now the pill abortion will be widely available in Australia, women need to know that they can't trust the uncritical endorsement they read so often in the media.

In fact, Tankard Reist ends her story with the words: "Regardless of one's views on abortion, pushing this drug combo as simple is disrespectful of a woman's right to know what she might face. Melinda Tankard Reist is a well-known "writer, speaker, media commentator, blogger and advocate for women and girls. With the passion of the freedom fighter who seeks to right a grievous wrong, she accuses Tankard Reist and the Fairfax editors of misleading the public with "spruiking a scare campaign.

Freedman includes in her article the often repeated but wrong assertion that then Senator Brian Harradine "was instrumental in blocking the importation of RU " in She even stoops so low as including a link to a discredited blog by mystery man Brian Baxter now hosted by Leslie Cannold which is riddled with errors and even to this day includes the ludicrous comment that I am Australia's best known pro-life activist.

RU486: Misconceptions, Myths and Morals from Spinifex Press

These mistakes have been objected to many, many times. Still Freedman regurgitates them. Of course, readers of her blog would not know that the previous evening Freedman had informed Tankard Reist that she was going to write about her Sunday Age piece and wanted to double check some "facts.

So where was a discussion of the facts for instance, the great distress women suffered and the documented deaths? Where was the disclosure of this correspondence: "Dear Readers, MTR gave me an explanation for the bionote yesterday, but I decided to publish my piece anyway. Why was Freedman so adamant about Tankard Reist's disclosure? Her column included no discussion about whether abortion was right or wrong. Indeed, an added line in her description - something like "MTR has written on RU for the past 20 years and was an advisor to Senator Harradine" - would have lent the article more gravitas and might have been in her favour.

Would that have appeased Freedman? Something didn't quite add up in her ardent attack. The clue may be found in a few words in brackets in the middle of Freedman's article: "[note: Marie Stopes, one of the providers of RU , have previously advertised on Mamamia]. After all, Marie Stopes might lose some of their potentially very lucrative earnings from the pill abortion, should women decide, after learning of the inherent risks, to ask for a suction abortion.

Dr Feelgood , a long-term active supporter of bringing RU into Australia which she does not disclose and "a patron of Marie Stopes International Australia" writes that she "questions the validity" of Tankard Reist's article and says that there should have been an "open declaration of potential interests. Potential interests? Where are Melinda Tankard Reist's potential interests in warning about the risks of a pill abortion beyond being paid for her column?

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She does not get any money paid every time a woman decides not to have an RU abortion. On the other hand, MSIA does get paid for every pill abortion, Mia Freedman gets advertising dollars from Marie Stopes, and Dr Cockburn could indeed make money should she decide to become a "medical" abortion prescriber with MS Health and dispense the pills - which, as a registered medical practitioner, she would now be able to do. There has to be a big question mark over whether this is a "cost-effective price of the drug" that the government negotiated, as foreshadowed by Tanya Plibersek in April MSIA's involvement does not end with mandatory online education.

They will know who is a certified pill abortion provider and pharmacist and where in Australia they are. Already the provider of about one-third of all , yearly abortions in Australia in its number of rapidly expanding clinics between and June according to the TGA evaluator AusPAR , MSIA had performed about 20, out of the total 22, pill abortions carried out under the Authorised Prescriber Scheme.

They have a lot to gain from more women using the pill abortion. The application to include the two drugs on the PBS would have incurred further fees. No doubt, they would like to recoup this money. Denis Walsh.

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Melissa Haussman. Negotiating Pharmaceutical Uncertainty. Eirik Saethre. RU Caroline de Costa. Rosemary Mander. Gender and Genetics. Kate Reed. AIDS at Victoria A. Harden; Anthony Fauci.

RU486: Misconceptions, Myths and Morals

Evidence and Skills for Normal Labour and Birth. Henry T. Genes, Chromosomes, and Disease. Nicholas Wright Gillham. Fundamentals of the Stem Cell Debate. Kristen Renwick Monroe. Cancer: A Very Short Introduction. Nick James. Human Cloning.

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The Material Gene. Kelly E. The Male Pill. Nelly Oudshoorn. Understanding Brain Disease. Joseph Martin. Public Health Genomics. Claudia N. Patricia Lockwood. On Cloning. John Harris. Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights. Katha Pollitt. Contested Technologies. Anders Persson. Ann McElhinney. Reproductive Technologies. Abortion Care.

ISBN 13: 9781875559015

Sam Rowlands. Liberty and Sexuality. David J. Me Medicine vs. We Medicine. Designing Our Descendants. Audrey R. Bart Fauser. Jeff Duffey MD.

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Emergency Contraception. Crow After Roe. Jessica Mason Pieklo. Sarah Devaney. Key Issues in Bioethics. Ralph Levinson. Living in the Crosshairs. Or is it? This also means that the RU has killed 1. One out of every women will require hospitalization.

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What of the 1. According to LifeSiteNews. We have included an action box. Today is the day to ensure that we draw a line in the sand and give no more ground. If not you, then who?