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I paid in advance for a one year Scribd subscription and 60 days later they began their decimation of the romance section. So I decided to sample Oyster for a month and subscribed the month following…and Oyster announced that they are folding. Reading about the high-handed actions of the U. I read Mr. Cleverly put together and a great story about books. Oyster has an attractive browsing function which featured Girl Waits With Gun.

So I read it, cringing through the first sex scene, barely skimming the second. After that, when the bedroom door shut, I moved pages until the story started again. The next day I reread a Betty Neels novel to ground myself. For my next new reading experience, I chose New Adult. Losing It had a review here and I read it and found it pleasant but not pleasant enough to continue the series. It was so good, the characters seemed real.

This past month I started a few books and set them aside, and finally settled back on some Sarah MacLean and Nalini Singh rereads, as always very satisfying. I even stockpile them for that very purpose. Simon which I had read 45? And there also seems to be a collection of short stories, so I have to go find them. Note to self: look for more ballet-themed mysteries. None of my authors have anything new for another month.

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I also just finished Once Perfect by Cecy Robinson that was in an on sale post earlier this week. I have had a decent reading month so far. I read The Shattered Court by M. Scott after hearing a couple people recommend it on the podcast. It started a little slow for me, but I was engrossed by the end. I am looking forward to the sequel next year. I just finished listening to The Martian by Andy Weir and am now chomping at the bit to see the movie.

Seems this past month it was either love or hate. But I was Mehing things pretty hard. I read About a Dragon the second book in the Dragon Kin series and was so seriously disappointed. I loved the first in the series, but this one just seemed to go on and on. It made me kind of angry. I read or tried to read a bunch of novellas. I Radio Silence was disappointing, but I actually finished it. The Leopard Prince was so good. God Elizabeth Hoyt knows how to write. Duke of Shadows was amazing and now I want to read all the Meredith Duran.

Damn it! The first in the series was meh. I actively hated the second. Julia, I just finished Dark Wild Night the other day. They fought like middle schoolers but in a cute way. Well Paced. I also re-read Sunshine by Robin McKinley and I still love that book and still wish there would be a sequel no chance! I also re read Last Hour of Gann, a masterpiece by R.

Lee Smith because I thought she was putting out another one sometime this year but that deadline may not have been met. Sad face. I finished Crown of Midnight by Sarah Maas this morning. The first book in the series was good enough to keep me interested, and I will say that the second improves considerably on the first. I also had to travel to and from Boston last week to watch my sister get married spoiler alert, she was beautiful and got to read quite a bit on that trip hello, lodging with no wi-fi.

I like it okay and may still finish it, but the hero is a little sexually aggressive for my liking. It is a category romance with my catnip — medicine. I loved it!. The story was simple, occasionally a little more melodramatic than necessary.

Trip A Dwarf by Stephen McQuiggan

But the heroine! She is a very competent emergency nurse who is proactive in her life choices. The hero, while definitely an alpha, has a vulnerable side and a Big Angsty Secret. I love that the heroine is very forthright on this. We are lovers, she says, and lovers help each other. The hero has to learn to open up and accept that help. Very competent woman — I want to be her in my next life. I re-read City of Bones because my 13 yo grandson wanted to read it — I lent him my Nook to read it on with the understanding that he stay out of my other books.

Read the Inn Boonsboro trilogy, liked the first one a lot and by the last was convinced I had wandered into a commercial for the Inn. For as much blood and guts as it has, it is still a comfort read and entertaining. In the middle of moving so I need all the comfort I can get. I just got back from a long vacation, so I did a lot of reading.

They are sequels to earlier series Farseer Trilogy and Liveship Traders set in the same world, so altogether that is 13 books of excellent, excellent reading pleasure. She is my absolute favorite for good writing, great characters who I am really rooting for, funny banter she is also responsible for some cider snorting.

The start of the tv season has sadly cut into my reading time, but I have managed to read some good books lately. Grayson and B. Urruela, which I absolutely loved. It was one of the books where the emotion just jumped off the page for me. TV, Radio, Web. Finding their place at the heart of Pfizer. The reinvention of customer service experience with applied intelligence. The Story of Home: A bolt from the blue. Atlantic Podcast A three-part series exploring the mystery of Peter Bergmann - the man who came to Sligo to disappear.

Subscriber Only. Not Working: What ails our labour markets and how to fix them. City of Girls: Elizabeth Gilbert's fizzing portrait of giddy young female hedonism.

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