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At that time, the AKP embodied a political Islam compatible with democracy, a "democratic conservatism", similar to the European "Christian Democrat" movement. The year , however, marked a first turning point, with the resumption of hostilities between the Kemalist establishment and Islamists. At the end of President Sezer's term, the military staff announced its opposition to the election of a President from the AKP.

It stretched over the years, and accused senior army officials of conspiracy. The Supreme Court also tried to destabilize Mr Erdogan's power. It failed, with only one vote missing, to dissolve the AKP. The party then retaliated and its governing method became much less consensual. Arrests of journalists were increasingly frequent. Mr Erdogan is the Turkish statesman who chose to tackle the Kurdish question, which he distinguished, in a famous speech in Diyarbakir, from the PKK question. Important new rights for the Kurds were recognized. Negotiations with the PKK leadership, which were initially held secretly, went very far.

In retrospect, many wonder whether such a move was not just a way for RTE to further isolate the Kemalist establishment. Turkey's popularity abroad has never been as high as it was in the early s. Once marginal, it had become a courted country with vast ambitions. RTE willingly traveled to other countries, and although he speaks no language other than Turkish, he made a strong impression with his high stature and energy. He interfered jointly with Brazil in the Iranian nuclear affair.

He got spectacularly mad with Israel, which complicated his relationship with the United States, but earned him an increased popularity in the Muslim world and domestically. This is when the dream a Sunni territory inspired by the Turkish model, which would occupy a vast area from the Mediterranean to Central Asia, collapsed. The result was a major shift in Recep Tayyip Erdogan's political orientation. From onwards, however, Mr Erdogan's Turkey was swept away in the whirlwind triggered by the "Arab Spring".

The Turkish success soon sank into a disaster. At first, what happened in Tunis or Cairo seemed to confirm the merits of "democratic conservatism", reconciling political Islam with democratic standards.

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When visiting his emulators in both capitals, RTE dared to advise them to respect secularism. Yet Bashar al-Assad did not take his recommendation into account and chose repression at all costs. Erdogan was thus forced to break with him and engage with the opposition. He worryingly watched the Syrian Kurds, dominated by a local branch of the PKK, build a semi-independent enclave in the north-east of Syria.

In the weeks preceding the coup against Morsi, the Gezi Square protest movement developed in Istanbul. RTE saw this protest as a destabilization attempt similar to that led against Morsi, inspired by the Kemalists and encouraged from abroad. He responded with great brutality to the Gezi movement.

This, of course, led him to be disavowed by the Europeans and the United States. In , he was elected President of the Republic with a narrow majority in the first Turkish presidential election by universal suffrage. When Daesh entered the Iraqi scene capture of Mosul , he took some surprising decisions. Later, he became increasingly exasperated by the partnership the Americans and their allies were forging with the Syrian branch of the PKK to fight Daesh on the banks of Euphrates.

The Russian intervention in Syria revealed the extent of the failure of his policy towards Syria, hitherto very hostile to Assad. The Turkish air force shot a Russian military plane, and Putin reacted with the utmost firmness. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been ruling over Turkey for almost two decades, yet the secular, urban, coastal, and economically productive Turkey still stands.

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Mr Erdogan became increasingly irascible, authoritarian and "paranoid", to reuse a familiar expression. Attacks multiplied throughout the country. It was, first and foremost, an attack on the West. Was he a dictator besieged from all sides, whose difficulties blurred his vision? Or had the political strategist decided to take all the necessary risks to launch a counter-offensive?

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Thanks to his strategy of tension, he won the new elections he called for in November People travel to Bursa just to eat this tasty dish. İznik tiles are one of the most precious materials you can find in antique shops and they are easy to find in Turkey! Aristotle lived in Assos for three years. When you go there, you will understand why he found it hard to leave! The Lycians, who are believed to have been the first civilization to use the money, lived on this land.

You can visit the ruins around Salihli Sardis to discover more about this fascinating civilization. Are you interested in Greek mythology? If the answer is yes, then Turkey's many treasures await you. It is said that there are more Greek ruins in Turkey than in Greece!

One of the world's most valuable amphora and glass collections is on display at the Bodrum Museum. Football fans will also enjoy their Turkey holidays. For example, one of the biggest football matches of the country is the Fenerbahce-Galatasaray match! The city of İstanbul, where you can travel by ferry between two continents, welcomes visitors with its magical atmosphere.

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Turkish people love cats and dogs; each neighborhood has areas where cats and dogs are fed and sheltered. There are blue flag beaches in Turkey.

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Moreover, Turkey has the world's only blue flag lake: Van Lake. Also — there is allegedly a monster living in this lake! You may also like:. Popular Domestic Flight Destinations.

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Download Free App Now. Refresh Search alternative flights. You can also go on an optional Turkish folklore evening tour featuring stories of folklore and belly dancers. Drive to Aphrodisias, the famous city of Aphrodite. Feel the mystical atmosphere of the ancient city and theatre. Sophia Museum, Topkapi Palace, and the Hippodrome. The ruins at Devrent are spread over three valleys, which also house several pointed fairy chimneys with large stems. AVANOS: A center of terra cotta work of art since BC, it is a town where you will be invited to visit a traditional pottery workshop, which is possibly set deep into the hillsides.

The clay, which comes from the Red River passing through the town, gives life both to the land and to the local economy. It is named after the enormous piece of rock in the center of the town, which was once used as a castle. This extraordinary rock is the highest peak of the area with the view of whole Cappadocia and Erciyes Argeus Mountain.

After the tour, you will be transferred back to your hotel.. Overnight in Cappadocia. It has beautiful rock formation with some great hidden rock-carved churches. The most interesting part of this area is the countless tracks connecting the small villages and towns through vineyards and gardens like a spider net. It is always possible to see villagers working in the area and offering grapes, apples or apricots to you.

The Church of St. John the Baptist offers a panoramic view of the village. This church and its paintigs date back to the 5th century, making the oldest church in the region. It had a large courtyard which is unusual for Cappadocia, this has been eroded awayhowever. They both have eight floors, although not all are open to the public.