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The Shedding of Skin

Cats moult fur around spring-summer time to get rid of their "winter coat". Cats have thicker fur during the colder winter months to keep them warm, then around spring and summer they shed some of their fur to get a thinner coat for the warmer summer months. Some cats need brushing during moulting, since dead hairs can get trapped in the cat's fur.

Chickens generally stop laying eggs when their moulting begins and recommence laying when their new feathers have re-grown. Dogs and other canids. We attribute to God our thinking and attitudes. Does not. God does not add to our account of guilt in case we refuse Him. Christ died a substitute, a ransom, a curse. He bore the wrath of God, so that God could punish sin and forgive at the same time, raising Him from the dead as Lord. There is no denying the shedding of Christs blood put an end to the power of slavery to sin, power of death and power of satan.

The issue of forgiveness is apparently the sticking point here and Tatjana has very well described how it has unfolded. God didnt want or need his Sons blood for forgiveness of us He was already willing to give it. It is us who couldnt accept forgiveness without blood because of the murder in all our hearts.

The only person who wanted punishment and blood from what I can see was Calvin, his life reflected this in the many deaths he was involved in. His writings reflected his views. The first century Christians saw God through the eyes of Christ and only saw love not wrath or retribution. Look at the Greek meaning of Gods wrath in the context of what the NT originally said and it does mean what we think, it means God was extremely distressed over the consequences of the sin we commit not angry with us. Hence the need to end slavery to sin.

Forgiveness is also there and comes from God. Nothing that Jeremy has said that I can see violates Hebrews. Ephesians — In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace;. Colossians — In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins:. Psalm — How blessed will be the one who seizes and dashes your Babylon little ones against the rock. Jeremiah — For in the day that I brought them out of the land of Egypt, I did not speak to your fathers or command them concerning burnt offerings and sacrifices. Context is everything.

Ironically, the passage in Colossians you gave in vs. If I pay off a credit card with another credit card, am I debt-free? It takes the release of a debt for it to be forgiveness, not the payment of it. For those willful sins, they had to rely on…. Personally, I do disagree with several of your points. I see what you mean by saying in comparison to God sin is not a big deal for he is Holy and Righteous. However, this undermines what you have just admitted about God. Also too many scriptures both old and new refute this no matter if it is English, Hebrew, or Greek.

The fin. - Shedding

Second, the point that God did not give the law and that he really did not require sacrfices is to throw out way too much scripture. I know the verses you are talking about, one in particular is the one from Psalm 51 when David says sacrfices you do not require but a broken and contrite heart. To interpret this from your view point is to complete miss the point of what David is attempting to say, for he later says, then you will be pleased with sacrifices. Key word being pleased. It is interesting here that he states specifically burnt offerings and whole burnt offering.

Most of the time the other verses that you refer to say the same thing. The point David and the others are making and the NT makes as well in reference to even Jesus is that you can go through all the motions of God given things works! He is attacking religion not the law or the sacrifices!

Even the fact when the temple was destroyed and they worshipped in synagogues without sacrifices demonstrates that they grasped this point. They understood that this must be pointing to something bigger and better that could truly take care of the sin problem. As you have mentioned before they needed a better covenant and they knew this but the law was all they had and what pointed towards something better. Romans even states that in times past God looked over the sins! To say that the law promised forgiveness but did not give it is treading on dangerous ground.

I get your point. Perhaps it is merely we have different ways of approaching it. This actually contradicts your argument in my opinion. Now I believe in penal substitution atonement but I also believe in what you are saying in regards to the New covenant and the shedding of blood being needed to usher in that covenant.

The Shedding of Blood and Christian Faith | Scot McKnight

The thing is about the cross is that we often reduce it to one thing. We pick one verse s and build a whole theology upon it. But the cross and resurrection is so grand and huge and pivotal that the Bible does not reduce it to one element. The Bible is clear many times that we were children of wrath but that in Christ, we the unrighteous have become righteous in Christ.

That he faced the death we deserved. The Hell we deserve whatever you might think that looks like or is! How we also had an enemy that held a certifcate against us but Christ disarmed those authorities! We also had a enemy who caused us to fear and yet Jesus defeated this enemy as well. This is just the beginning! It ushered in a new covenant, a righteousness becuase he took on my unrighteousness that cost him his death in my place so sin is a big deal , God loved me so much that despite the fact I was his enemy and he saw me in that way he pursued me to make me right with him!

This is love that despite my rebellion against him and how I deserve his wrath, He sent his son to die for me and usher in a new covenant of righteousness in Christ alone. I appreciate your points especially the one about the new covenant and a few others but in my opinion in your interest to demosntrate the value of hte cross and to shy away from sin and the wrath of God you have actually cheapened and devalued the Love God has for us.

Something that from your writings I know you cherish and value immensly. I know this sounds like it comes from my reformed background but believe me I am not reformed! The Law did not solve the problem. Ergo, Jesus had to 1 come to show what works , 2 give new commands centered on love of God the Father and Jesus the Son of God and 3 establish a new covenant as the ultimate solution to what to do about sin. Jesus is the solution and all that He had done and shown us is the truth.

No one could live under the law and you are correct that the Law did not fix the problem because the Israelites disobeyed God and wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. The penalty for sin is death as sinners we all deserve to die but God in his mercy and grace sent his only son to take our punishment on himself. Though his blood we are forgiven and cleansed from all unrighteousness.

When Christ spoke the words it is finished the term he used was a legal one that means the cancelling of a debt that was owed Christ paid our debt in full through his blood and death on the cross. Sacrifice and blood shed stuff aside, why in first place did God go so angry on Adam and Eve? For they had no knowledge of good and evil. Please clear this doubt of mine which always troubles me. When our children disobey, how do we feel?

God was angry maybe because of what Jesus would have to go through. The shedding of blood was necessary. Did you ever stop to think that the shedding of blood was for the sinner and not God. That man would not settle for anything less. All God ask is to believe that Jesus died for us. I think it is something man needed and not God. Whatever God wants its not up to us to say one way or the other. Without the shedding of blood there is is no forgiveness. Yes this is true. So… For God to be just, exacting punishment for sin by the shedding blood I.

Death, has to occur. The only way to do that was for He, Himself, through Jesus to pay the price demanded, death. Since the price was paid at the cross and God has the power over death, He is able to raise Jesus from the dead now having paid the price for our sin Himself.

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God is now able to offer mercy for our sin knowing that Justice has been served by Jesus death. And so God can forgive us of our sins because the penalty of sin has been exacted. There will be a penalty for sin, either we pay the penalty ourselves or we depend on Jesus to pay it in our stead.

The choice is ours of course. You are correct that the blood of Christ forgives sins and Hebrews makes a pound. The author is clearly in error. Plus Romans clearly states that we are saved from the wrath of God through Him, period. And you are right about the penalty of sin. Either we choose to pay it ourselves which is the hard way or we depend on Jesus to pay it for us which is the easy way and you are right it is our choice.

The sprinkling of blood could not cleanse the conscience. That is never mentioned in this post which reopens this post to scrutiny. When reading this I thought it was from a Universalist web site. Hebrews 9: 21In the same way, he sprinkled with blood the tabernacle and all the vessels used in worship. In the Old Testament; the sprinkling of the blood did not wipe out sin. It just delayed it for a year. Because Jesus is perfect, His one time death, perfect blood shed not only eliminates sin from the believer completely, but also ended forever the ritual of sacrifices. Esau was rejected…no blood.

Adam and Eve…. Issac…a lamb…blood Passover…a lamb…. Under the O. Lev 4 the man puts his hand on the head of the lamb, slits its throat, the priest catches the blood in a cup and pours it on the altar. The entire OT, no one can come to God without a blood sacrifice. In the NT Jesus is our blood sacrifice. We cannot come to God any way but through the blood of Jesus.

Jesus was even sweating blood in the garden. All through the bible blood was a foreshadowing of Jesus on the cross and his ultimate sacrifice to end all sacrifices. Been in church all my life. I believe and have a relationship with Jesus and the Father. But I had this thought. Having to have the shedding of blood for salvation seems so barbaric. Why would God demand this? When He said we should not kill. For I tell you truly, until heaven and earth pass away, not a single jot, not a stroke of a pen, will disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.

Its this law that will be written on the hearts. He summarized them into 2 categories. The 1st 4 commandments are about loving YeHoVaH and the next six people. I can see how your answer would satisfy people who believe. But this is one reason among many for why I doubt the existence of the biblical god. The doctrine is an absurdity as I cannot believe a wise loving god would not understand how such an absurd idea would cause doubt for the rest of us living on Earth, nearly 70 percent of the current population.

For those of us unconvinced that Jesus even existed, the belief that we will be punished for being honest in our doubt is very absurd. Why not universal salvation especially if eternal hell was real.

What’s the deal with blood?

Mark there is two issues here. Firstly history is a great teacher and therefore when you consider the historic writings, eye witness accounts of both friend and foes of Jesus, there is more evidence of his existence than there is for Julius Caesar. About 25 yrs ago the Supreme court of the US was convened with a defense and persecution team and a jury of non believers to consider the facts of this case. Did he exist, die on cross and was he the son of God. All the evidence was considered and at the end of the trial, the jury found it was all true, and a number of them converted to Christianity.

Secondly Jesus dying on the cross was for everyone and his sacrifice is for everyone. But its a gift. It can be accepted or rejected through a persons free will. God provides uncontrolling love to all and the gift of free will which he never treads on. Its there if you want it. The issue of sacrifice is NOT just shedding of blood, but DEATH; specifically shed blood unto death at the hands of another; and in the form of a punishment; and that punishment of an innocent being without blemish. There is something very unique and different about the physical Blood of Jesus.

One can never say everything in a single post. You, sir, are off your rocker. You should read 1 John and leave the theological backflips where they belong… the garbage. You, sir, should think before you judge. I obviously have read 1 John I have even studied it in the Greek and taught it dozens of times to various audiences. So rather than judge, you should recognize that I have a different way of understanding 1 John , and maybe seek to understand what it is. Join Us! Transform your life and theology by focusing on the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus: Fill out the form below to receive several emails from me about the death and resurrection of Jesus.

If all of that was unnecessary then why the cross to begin with? By the death and resurrection Jesus defeated sin and death so we could have eternal life. Anyway, much here to think about for a while … Eric, thanks for reading! Install Steam. Your Store. Store Home. Games Games. Software Software. Software Hub. Hardware Hardware. Community Hub. The Shedding is a first person horror game.

An unsettling dark and disturbing game set in an abandoned prison. The game is short, about 15 minutes. Will you be able to make it through or will The Shedding be a nightmare of terror for you? All Reviews:. Gem Rose Accent. Popular user-defined tags for this product:.

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