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Poll Results Several people commented on the costs of riding lessons in their area:. It's worth every penny! My trainer focuses on correct basics.

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Not a big name but an excellent teacher. I may start back up though as I'm contemplating a switch to dressage!

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A few good books help, too. They all teach patience!

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She's a fourth level dressage rider. Better trainers charge more, and rightfully so. The results of our weekly polls are published in The Horse Health E-Newsletter, which offers news on diseases, veterinary research, health events, and in-depth articles on common equine health conditions and what you can do to recognize, avoid, or treat them. Jennifer Whittle, TheHorse.

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She currently lives on a small farm in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Favorite Share:. Of the 1 Photo: Anne M. Additionally, 70 readers commented on their riding lesson expenses.

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Poll Results. About The Author. The course involves beautiful varied terrain over our 55 acres of course with an Extreme Trail Obstacle Course. The horses that attend our Series include a wonderful variety of breeds; and the riders that compete vary in age and disciplines. The course is designed to be ridden by both the competitive rider as well as the trainer looking for a positive schooling environment for the green horse. Our horses live in herd groups in pastures of varied terrain including woods and some water crossings.

If you are interested in a horse to work cows - while started with Dressage training, our horses are responsive to the rider's aids and are comfortable around cattle by being raised and schooled around our small herd of naturally raised Herefords. We are breeding and preparing personable hardy athletes with solid foundations to pursue any future discipline; and offer some of our foals for sale in utero by deposit. We encourage our buyers to experience their future partner's training from the ground up, by designing a full Day or Weekend of Private Instruction tailor made to your interests and needs.

Whether you are looking for full service or retirement board, board with instruction or schooling, come and enjoy our unique facility. Store your tack, and enjoy a cool drink in the summer heat, or warm up with a cup of coffee or tea and conversation in our heated tack room during the wintry season. The Retirement Package includes: board; grooming your horse 4 days a week; as well as putting your horse's fly mask on each morning and removing it in the evening during insect season; holding your horse for spring vaccines, annual float, and routine farrier appointments; and paste de-worming your horse on our farm rotation if your horse is not on a daily wormer regimen boarder is billed for the cost of the de-wormer.

Stall space is limited and available on a first come first serve basis.

Carrot Totin' Beginners Welcome . . . . . .

This is a great way to improve your riding skills, and to enjoy our facility and events. We are happy to offer horses for lease to committed riders when a horse becomes available; and rider and horse are a good "fit". Call us to customize an On Farm Lease Package to your optimize your riding needs. We also custom design birthday and special event days at the farm.

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Call us to create a day where your guests will enjoy the special occasion and be inspired by the beauty in animals and the natural world around us.