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During the War of the Spark , Ashiok created their own brand of nightmare. The original Nightmare was depicted as a mare. These horse with fiery manes arise from the swamps. As the poisoned land spreads, so does the Nightmares' rage and terrifying strength. Ashiok is a planeswalker from an unknown plane who discovered not only a great skill at culling the nightmares from others, but also the ability to make them manifest in reality Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver.

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Ashiok enjoys watching those who see themselves as untouchable and superior reduced to screaming and blubbering. Because all sentient beings feel fear, Ashiok believes in its power as the great equalizer. The nightmare mechanic was designed by Richard Garfield for the Odyssey set but later moved to Torment. Judgement featured three red "Gorger" Nightmares and six blue "Wormfang" Nightmares.

Whenever one of the a Nightmare creatures, as featured in Torment , comes into play, another card of a type specified in the Horror's rules text in play or in hand is removed.

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When the creature leaves play, the card it "replaced" is returned to play. Some nightmares make an opponent lose and gain life respectively, instead. Each of the blue Nightmares of Judgement requires the loss of a particular resource , usually permanents , excluding the rare ones, which take a turn or your hand, but return them on leaving the field.

There are two vertical cycles in this category. The Nightmare mechanic is currently moved to white. Sign In.

Nightmare in Blue

Jump to: navigation , search. Wizards of the Coast. Creature types. Angel Sphinx Demon Dragon Hydra. Category : Nightmares.

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