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Written by a team of leading international specialists, the book comprehensively covers current knowledge of the chemical ecology of insect parasitoids. Chapters are organized in order to present the most significant discoveries of the last few decades, and on their potential application in pest control strategies. Specific relevant case studies are also presented. The book is intended to be accessible to a large number of potential readers from University students to senior scientists worldwide.

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Table of contents Contributors xi 1 Chemical ecology of insect parasitoids: towards a new era 1 Stefano Colazza and Eric Wajnberg Abstract 1 1. Ode Abstract 11 2. Martijn Bezemer and Jeffrey A. Harvey Abstract 64 4. Huigens and Nina E. Fatouros Abstract 86 5.

Semiochemicals from plants and insects on the foraging behavior of Platygastridae egg parasitoids

Ichiki and Yooichi Kainoh Abstract 7. Holopainen, Sari J. Himanen and Guy M. Poppy Abstract 8.

Read and Geoff M. Gurr Abstract Paine Abstract Review quote This volume will contribute to future syntheses and help integrate insect parasitoids within chemical and community ecology and, hopefully, eventual strategic applications in pest management programs. Summing Up: Recommended. Choice, 1 January show more. He is a population biologist specializing in behavioural ecology, population genetics and statistical modelling. He is also an expert in biological control, with almost 30 years experience working on insect parasitoids.

Stefano Colazza is based at the University of Palermo, Italy. He is a specialist in infochemicals and behavioural ecology of plant, insect herbivores, and insect parasitoid interactions, with a special interest in the chemical ecology of plant volatile organic compounds in a tri-trophic context. He has been involved in these research areas for over 30 years.