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Either contestant could also elect to "freeze" their position if they were unsure of the next card; this would both prevent the opponent from playing and reset the contestant's base card to the frozen card and whatever cards that were turned in that instance were not discarded. The matches were best two-out-of-three, with the third match being played with three cards per contestant and one single sudden death question.

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The controlling contestant was shown both base cards before being given the option to play the cards and change their base card if desired or pass to the opponent, who had to play without changing. As before, if either contestant guessed incorrectly, their opponent automatically won the match.

The winner of the main game played the Money Cards bonus game for a chance to win additional money. The Money Cards board consisted of a series of eight cards on three levels. A contestant was able to change the base card on each of the three levels. Making a correct guess added the value of the wager to the contestant's bank, while an incorrect guess cost the contestant the wager. However, if a contestant busted from the second row onward, the game ended.

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If a contestant turned over a duplicate card resulted in neither a gain nor loss of money. A secondary bonus game was introduced which gave a winning contestant a chance to win a new car. A winning contestant received one Joker for winning the match. Three more were added to the Money Cards deck, and if a contestant uncovered them they received an additional chance to win the car.

After the Money Cards round was over, a row of seven numbered cards was wheeled out and the contestant placed whatever Jokers they'd earned over the cards in the hopes that behind one of them was the word "CAR". If your station wishes to air Card Sharks, feel free to add your station on the list. Take note, however that the list is in alphabetical order.

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