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Focus action on the customer. Shift decision-making from leaders to teams. Form teams for the long term not discrete projects. Introduce a leadership capability model that supports the Agile mindset and practices. Redesign organizational structure. Define Agile job roles and job families. Identify core capabilities for all agile roles to include: A understanding the Agile Framework and practices and B having an Agile leadership mindset.

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Establish patterns for forming and coordinating Agile teams. Secure digital talent. Establish a program dedicated to attracting, developing, and retaining digital talent. Refresh the digital employee experience and value proposition. Create learning paths for digital skills and career paths for digital roles.

Form digital communities of practice. Improve functional engagement. Engage functional non-digital talent in Agile. Understand who in the functions is affected by Agile, how, and when. British beverage company Diageo , the company behind Johnnie Walker scotch whisky, has begun using "smart bottles" for its flagship Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky. The smart bottle features a printed sensor tag made with OpenSense technology from Thinfilm Electronics.

It can detect the sealed and opened state of each bottle. OpenSense uses smartphones' Near Field Communication NFC capabilities, allowing Diageo to send personalized communications to consumers who read the tags with their smartphones. Venky Balakrishnan Iyer, global vice president of digital innovation at Diageo, says that while Diageo owns very traditional brands many of them are or years old , there's a large amount of digital interaction happening with those brands. Diageo sees millions of searches about its brands occurring, and more than 50 percent happen via mobile within a few feet of the bottle on the shelf.

The smart bottle is an attempt to facilitate and shape that interaction. The sensor tag also has an application in the supply chain. The tags allow tracking of products across the supply chain, in-store and to the point of consumption.

25 Successful People Who’ll Help Change Your Life in 2018

The sensor tags remain readable even when the factory seal has been broken. This provides an additional layer of security to protect the authenticity of the product. Thor Olavsrud covers data analytics, business intelligence, and data science for CIO. Here are the latest Insider stories. More Insider Sign Out. Sign Out Sign In Register. Latest Insider. Digital Magazine. Awards programs. Resource Library. Check out the latest Insider stories here. From Our Partners.

More from the IDG Network. How IoT makes electricity generation more efficient.

A Story That Will Change Your Life! One of the Most Inspiring Manifestation Speeches (Success Story)

Internet of Things poised to transform cities. The next IT jobs boom? The internet of things. Government The IoT is transforming municipal life through a number of smart city initiatives.


Instead, I just focused on the problem. With nothing else to do, I sat up in my room and started playing World of Warcraft on the computer. I was in talks with sponsors. I was considering not going to college so that I could become a professional gamer.

A Culture Change Success Story

I had one of the most-read World of Warcraft blogs on the Internet at a time when blogging was still relatively new And most of all, I had discovered my love for writing. If you feel like you aren't learning anything, that is nobody's fault but yours. Chances are, someone around you knows something you don't--and it's on you to ask them questions.

It's on you to create moments of growth and opportunity. It's on you to pay attention to the little things around you. It's on you to create your own gaps, and it's on you to take your own leaps of faith.

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  4. Growth is rarely the result of the people in your vicinity. Growth is the result of how you utilize the people around you, and create opportunities for yourself.

    Inspiration From 4 Fun Success Stories Of Technological Change

    The key to shifting your perspective is to remember what you're aiming for. If you look at the above paragraph, nothing physical changed. You didn't move offices. You didn't get a raise.