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In the game of the heart I hear you callin' my name, Here in the darkness the truth puts an end to your game In the game of the heart, you know that I know you're mine, Youll have the face that alone at the end of the line You know you're mine And you think that you need protection, End so we build up these walls Well I'm gonna be the exception So let's lift our voices and cry Here's to the game of the heart. Recomendar Twitter.

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Once you have your hearts drawn, write down point values on the hearts. Cut out all the hearts. Now, pick a large wall and tape the hearts in a group with the Zap! For example, you will want to place the Zap! This makes it fair for everyone so no one is inching forward during the game.

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How To Play Heart Zap! To decide who goes first, have each player bounce a tennis ball at the hearts. Whoever hits the highest point value heart begins the game. Each game consists of five rounds and each round consists of 10 bounces per player. Once you have the starting player, instruct that player to throw the tennis ball at the hearts, but the ball HAS TO bounce ONCE before touching the hearts or the player loses that turn and receives zero points.

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  • Each player gets 10 bounces per round. If a player hits one of the ZAP! Pick a scorekeeper to keep score throughout the five rounds and tally the scores at the end.

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